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Welcome To The Rockside Neck, Back, & Migraine Center

Our mission is to provide patients with the most effective care by finding the cause of each problem and addressing it directly. We treat every patient as an individual, and empower them to take action in improving their health and function.

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Improving Health and Function of the Neck, Back and Areas of Pain

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Chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic manipulative therapy is used to restore normal joint motion, break up fibrous adhesions within the joints, and break the muscle spasm-pain cycle.

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Myofascial Release Technique

Chiropractic manipulations help to increase the mobility of restricted joints. Joint restrictions are often related to repetitive activities associated with occupation or hobbies.

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Each Treatment is Tailored To The Individual Patient

Current techniques and state of the art equipment help us address your needs as effectively as possible. Our physicians our highly skilled and very personable, schedule an appointment today to meet our staff and let us help you with your injury.

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"Look no further, your dream Chiropractic office is here!! They helped me when everyone else just wanted to prescribe me medicine after my car accident. The reality was I just needed a proper adjustment. The Rockside Neck, Back, & Migraine Center is the way to go." - Luc

A Commitment To Relieving Pain and Restoring Your Good Health

Our doctor is trained and experienced in the evaluation and treatment of a variety of conditions. For any condition, a variety of treatment options will be discussed whether or not they are available here. Utilization of current techniques and state of the art equipment helps us to address patients’ needs as effectively as possible.